Using the mirror of God’s Word, teen girls can fashion themselves into beautiful, Christlike women.

Always in Fashion

by Jan Van Hee
Pages: 178 | Size 5.5 x 8.5 | $11.99 Paperback

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Herbert Grings was an ordinary man but he accomplished extraordinary things. Read the compelling, true drama of a man who dedicated his life to spreading Gods Word throughout the Belgian Congo of Africa.

No Turning Back

by Jan Van Hee
Pages: 88 | Size 5.5 x 8.5 | $9.99 Paperback
$0.99 Kindle

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One of the greatest regrets we will have when we get to heaven will be when we discover all that God would have done. Either we did not ask, or we failed to ask according to His will, and therefore, we never received. This inspirational book truly moves us to embrace a prayer life based upon God’s Word.

The Prayer That Makes a Difference
by Janet Clark Shay
Pages: 110  |  Size 5 x 8  |  Hardcover and Paperback
$7.95 Paperback   |   $14.95 Hardcover Gift Book   |   $1.99 Kindle

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AUDIOBOOK: Narrated by: Cinnamon Dizon
Length: 1 hr and 35 mins  |  $6.95

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Unable to shake the Holy Spirit’s drawing, Charles was reminded that God knew about the eye disease when he called Charles into evangelism.

This Side of Heaven
by Janet Clark Shay
Pages: 138  |  5 x 8  |  $10.99 Paperback

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Are you unsettled about your condition before God? Do you need to be encouraged that God still saves lost souls? These inspiring stories will profoundly affect your faith! “When you get salvation, it don’t hurt like I thought it might.” That’s a lesson Loyd Gross learned the hard way. From a troubled upbringing to a stint in the U.S. Navy, Loyd wandered through his youth. Outgoing and personable, he never lacked for friends. But Loyd didn’t talk much about God, and he never thought much about Him either. When a near-death experience on a submarine awakened Loyd to the emptiness in his soul, he determined to find answers. Was there still hope for him, or was he destined for eternal damnation (a thought that terrified him)?
Now I Am Forgiven:

A Real Life Story of God's Amazing Grace
The Personal Testimony of Loyd Gross 
by Janet Clark Shay
Gospel Tract
Pages: 24  |  Size: 2 x 3  |  $2.00 per tract plus shipping

Tuya loved the wide-open spaces of the Mongolian steppe country, but does Tenger, the sky god, really live among the clouds? The American missionary said that the true God would talk to her through the Bible. Had Mongols believed something for generations that was not true?

Tuya and the Silk Scarf
by Janet Clark Shay
A Short Story
Available on Kindle  |  Pages: 13 pages  |  $0.99 Kindle

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Rick Huntress had everything―and he had nothing. He was a self-centered man living a selfish life, until one fateful day when his whole world changed.

Better to Be Broken
Rick Huntress
Pages: 122  |  $9.99

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