Sable Creek Press began in 2002 as an  independent publisher of works primarily focused on a Christian worldview.  The company is owned by Janet Shay and is operated from her private office in Glendale, Arizona.

In addition to publishing traditional works, we also consult and serve as support to lesser known authors who have specific needs for their publishing projects. 

Sable Creek Press & Sable Creek Bookstore

We are an independent publisher and online bookseller. Concerning our published titles, we work with a staff of professional freelance book designers, editors, and audio book narrators from across the nation. Our company is based in Glendale, Arizona and was formed in 2002 by owner, Janet Shay. We focus on new or lesser known authors and look forward to hearing from our readers. At this time we primarily publish middle grade fiction and inspirational works. We are not soliciting manuscripts because our schedule is full, but in the future we will actively be pursuing well edited quality works.

Sable Creek Press
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