About Janet Clark Shay

"I am an author of three books. Two are Christian inspirational biographies and as it so happens, both are on the subject of prayer, the heartbeat of my life. The third is a children's audio book because story ideas for children are unending and a delight to write.


My books


"I LOVE BOOKS, especially good Christian books. I started to say I love to read books, but it isn’t that simple. I love to hold them, smell them, turn their pages, and line them up on bookshelves. Someone once told me you cannot love an inanimate object. I suppose that's true, but (sort of like Scarlett O'Hara in Gone with the Wind), I'll think about that another time—maybe when technology does with books what it’s done to my dad's black typewriter with the left-hand return. Until then I really do love books! And more and more I like audio books. They add interest to long stretches of land when travelling, or even running errands around the city.

"I spent some of my growing up years in Redondo Beach, California. My mother took us often to the public library where she instilled in my sisters and me a love of reading. The library was a Spanish colonial on a sprawling lawn atop a knoll looking out to the Pacific Ocean It was built in 1930. I was fascinated by the whispered silence, those little white check-out cards, the musty smell, and the creaky floors. I think that is where my love affair with books began."