"I am the author of six historical novels for middle grade children, in addition to a health and exercise book for youth.​ My latest release, Simon Kenton Unlikely Hero, is the biography of a frontiersman who trekked the wilderness during the days of Daniel Boone."

Grandma Sarah
Karen enjoys visiting schools, home school groups, and retirement homes as Grandma Sarah, an early settler portrayed in Conflict at Chillicothe and Battle at Blue Licks. Grandma Sarah tells how hard the settlers worked to do everyday tasks, such as growing food, making soap, spinning fibers, and hunting game.

Young’uns get to carry water using a yoke, grind corn in a stump, and feel the soft  deerskin. Pioneer Bob strides in, to oohs and aahs, to show his Kentucky rifle. But what
children enjoy the most is  trying out the simple wooden toys, like whimmy-diddles, Jacob’s ladders, and buzz-saw spinners.

KAREN MEYER'S passion for history began as a young girl and led her to complete a copy of an early Ohio settler's diary in her senior year. After earning a bachelor's degree cum laude in English and Education, she became an Air Force wife, and over the course of nine years lived in places as far away as Labrador. Seeing new lands gave Meyer a window on regional and national differences, and confirmed an appreciation for her own Ohio roots where she and her husband settled and raised their family. 

Today Karen writes historical novels for young readers, seeking ideas from Ohio’s many history-rich towns. As part of her desire to interest children in history, she visits schools impersonating Grandma Sarah, a character in her pioneer novels.

The pioneers lived close to nature growing their own food, so Karen gets her hands into the dirt of her vegetable and flower garden. Karen looks into her hometown's colorful history for her next historical novel, still in the works. ​

Karen began writing early, as many future authors do. Poetry and short stories in the early years, articles and family story write-ups in later years. There are always new things to learn, so her “writing advice” file is bulging. She enjoys visiting schools as an author, sharing what she’s learned, hoping to fire up the next generation. Of course she beats the drum for historical fiction, her favorite genre.​​

Visit her website, ohiofrontierhistorylady.com to see details on school visits, reviews, background on historical figures. You may also sign up there for her newsletter, or email her directly at [email protected]
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Child of God
In her late teens, Karen realized her sinful heart needed God’s cleansing. She received Jesus Christ as Savior and determined to live for Him, by His power. She uses her writing as a way to bring others to know Him, too.